Surgeons (neurosurgeons)

By: Elinai Abebe

Responsibilites of being a Surgeon

The 1st major responsibility of being a surgeon is to follow the established surgical techniques during the operation. A 2nd responsibility that you have to as a surgeon is to examine the patient to obtain information on medical condition and surgical risk. A 3rd responsiility that you have to do as an surgeon is to operate on patients to correct deformities , repair injuries, prevent and treat diseases or improve or restore patients functions. A 4th responsibility that you have to do as a surgeon is that you have to analyze patient medical history, medication allergies, physical condition dexalition results to verify operations necessity and to determine best procedures. A last and final responsibility that you have to do as a surgeon is that you have to prescribe preoperative and postoperative treatments and procedures , such as sedatives, diets, antibiotics, and preparation and treatment of the patients operative area.

Work Enviroment for a Surgeon

A surgeons job is required to be in indoors, you work in a office, you are required to wear a docter's coat and scrubs, you also have to work as a group to get the job done.

Job Description

A surgeon gets $90.00 an hour , and $187,200 tannual. You get a 14%growth opportunity .This job will be needed in the future because if there's a person who is in need because of an injury that has happened to them then a surgeon is there to help.