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Rajdeep Banerjee

Find the best yoga Articles and video Demonstartions

  • Super User Friendly:no personal info shared, no "progress" to worry about(go at your own pace), great trainers to follow, and step-by-step demonstrations!
  • Just follow the trainer!
  • In addition, looks great!
  • Favorite part: Videos for clear demonstration
  • No limitations due to being a "light" or free version

Easy to use!

Follow step-by-step demonstrations, ranging from easy to hard, ready-made for beginners or advanced daily yoga-doers.

We have Top Instructors

  • Kathryn Budig
  • Kate Hanley
  • Lynda Mcullough
  • Rachel Brand
  • Rodney Yee
  • Many Others!

Best Option Available

  • NO personal information
  • No "progress reports"
  • Anyone can use


  • Would highly recommend to a friend due to simplicity and my personal trust in the experience of the trainers
  • Anyone can use, be it a beginner, intermediate, or advanced
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