Come To Minnesota!

Land, resources and adventure await!

Disease will rarely visit you here!

Here in Minnesota, disease is practically unheard of! The climate is dry and healthy-perfect for keeping those pesky germs at bay! The climate also guarantees that fever and ague will never visit you during life in Minnesota!

Jobs, land and resources will be available to you even in troubling times!

Minnesota is an abundant land, filled with natural resources that are free to use to anyone! More than 20 million acres are open for settlement here! How could anyone pass up an opportunity such as this?! Professions of all kinds on the same equality are available! Career opportunities such as teacher-like Harriet Bishop! She arrived in 1847 to become St.Paul's very first schoolteacher! Could you be like her and make a difference in the territory of Minnesota?

Never again will you have to bear the burdens of war and famine in Minnesota!

Minnesota is free of war and famine. Plenty of resources await your arrival! Minnesota's population is greatly increasing, and should top 150,000 in the next decade! Since 1849, we've been the fastest growing place in the U.S! Citizens of Minnesota regard themselves as free, and so will you! So come by steamboat up the Mississippi, by horse-drawn cart, oxcart, train, by canoe or even by foot to start a new life in Minnesota!

By Maddie Connor, Hour 1