2nd & 3rd Grade

Class Newsletter

Week of April 4 ...........He is risen from the dead, Alleluia!!

Welcome back from the Easter Break. I hope you took some time out to enjoy the pleasant weather.

We will have a "Read-In" day on April 8, Friday instead of Wednesday. Spring picture taking day is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6. If your child is having Spring pictures taken on that day he/she may wear their Spring outfit to school and not have to change into uniform. BUT if you are not having any picture taking that day, school uniform must be worn.

2nd & 3rd Grade are still preparing for First Communion on May 7. We will also still be reading our Bible Stories and continuing to learn more about Christ.

Our saint for this week's mass is St. John Baptist de la Salle. The children know that he is the patron saint for teachers. He was a wealthy man who saw the need for good Christian discipline and learning. 'He believed that the more religious a school is, the more successful it is.' When Christian behavior is practiced I believe that children will lead loving lives and see life through the eyes of Our Lord, Jesus Christ....Loving and Forgiving

Our 'Walk to Math' program is doing very well. I am going to use one day a week for children to practice their computation skills on the board. It will reinforce all operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and yes even division.

We are finishing up Trumpet of the Swan and will be watching the video this week. The children are so excited and can hardly wait to compare and contrast the book and video. They will learn that when you compare things you find out how they are the same, but when you contrast two things you find out how they are different.

We have started doing some 'Poetry' writing already. As I mentioned we will focus a lot of writing for this last term. We started with an easy type 'Haiku' - a three (3) lined poem, on nature (Spring). 1st line has 5 syllables, 2nd line has 7 syllables and the 3rd line has 5 syllables again. No, they do not have to be complete sentences. They could just be phrases but be careful of those words that are short and have many syllables. After writing one, they can then illustrate their poem.

I have also come back to Spelling words for the week. The student will have words to study for a week. These same words can be found in their Superkids workbook. So if the list gets lost look for it there.

Spelling is a necessary skill when writing. Creativity is great, but that will be for drafts. Cleaning up your paper means correcting spelling mistakes and sentences.

Thank you parents for all your sacrifices to send your children to Holy Rosary. It will be so appreciated when your children grow up.


Wednesday, April 6 PICTURE Day - Spring or Sports look

Friday, April 8 Read-in-your-PJs day.

Wednesday, April 13 Noon Dismissal; Professional Development Day