By Janelle Padilla


Can Sand dunes Move?

Sand dunes CAN move! The grains are blown up the windward side of a dune until they reach the top; then they drop down into the shelter of the lee (the side away from the wind). Other grains are blown up and over, burying the first. This continued action moves the dune across the landscape.

Two Main Ways Wind Causes Erosion!

The two main ways are abrasion and deflation.

Abrasion - the process of scraping or wearing away.

Deflation - the removal of particles of rock, sand, etc., by the wind.

How Does Abrasion Affect The Surface of Rocky Areas?!

Abrasion Affecting the Surface of a Rocky Area

Abrasion affects the rocky surface of an area by wind - carrying sand that can polish a rock, but it causes little erosion.
Wind Erosion (english version)