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January 8, 2016

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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January 12 & 13 - PTA Papa John's Pizza fundraiser

January 18 - No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 12 - No School - Institute Day

February 15 - No School - Presidents Day

February 26 - Young Author books and Great America reading logs are due

News You Can Use!

Before winter break each of the small reading groups read a novel. The novels were all books from the Battle of the books list for fourth grade. The students enjoyed reading the books and they applied the skills we have been working on in reading. As a culminating activity each group produced a book trailer for the book. The purpose of the trailers is to hook others into reading the book. The links for these book trailers are included below. Please take a look.

Young Authors

District 158 Young Author’s

Does your child like to write? The Young Author’s program is a great opportunity for our Kindergarten through 8th grade students. The students who participate will have their books judged. One book will be chosen to represent each school in the state conference on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. Entries will be due to your child’s school by February 26th. Watch for more information to come in newsletters and on Haiku.

I have included a link for our homophone project for this week. The students did a great job finding different homophone pairs.

Yearbook Orders

Students can still order yearbooks. Orders are taken definitely through January, but I will get you an exact end of sale date. Please put this in your newsletter for the next few weeks and add to your Haiku pages. Thanks much!

Click here to place your online order! Enter Conley yearbook ID code: 10091016

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Literacy by Kalyn

On Monday in literacy the Island of the Blue Dolphins group went down to the collaboration room and worked on their animoto. (I was in that group) While everyone read or worked on the Time for Kids magazine article.Then on Tuesday we started on our homophones presentation and the Best School Year Ever group worked on their animoto. Wednesday the Running Out of Time group worked on their animoto. (there are four groups total.) I hope everyone was getting close to the end of the assignments I spoke of. Thursday we turned in our homophone google draw and the Snow Treasure group went to the collaboration room. Friday we got to watch Island of the Blue Dolphins' animoto and finished our post for the T.F.K. That is what our class did in literacy. Have a great weekend!

Skill Building by Eros

This is the part of the newsletter for Skill Building.On Monday, we did a Pear Deck on food Idioms and had to try and figure out what they meant.On Tuesday, we read a book it is called Casey at the Bat.It first was released in the newspaper in 1888 for people to read.On Wednesday, we heard James Earl Jones read us Casey at the Bat from YouTube.On Thursday, we got a piece of paper with Casey at the Bat on it and we looked for synecdoche in the ballad called Casey at the Bat.On Friday, we finished looking for synecdoche in Casey at the Bat.That is what we did in Skill Building the week of January 3, 2016.

Mrs. Hassels's Math Class by Alex

MONDAY: We were studying rounding as a review. TUESDAY: We did more rounding, but it was slightly harder. WEDNESDAY: We did rounding again, but to the millions. THURSDAY: We did rounding to the billions. FRIDAY: We estimated, rounded again, and compared data. This was the math section for Price's Press.

Science by Iain

In science this week we went to a website to build roller coasters. We also learned about potential and kinetic energy. We watched two brain pop videos on the two types of energy. We also did a page of a packet on energy. On Friday we started vex car kits.

P.E. by Crystal

My name is Crystal. I am reporting on PE [physical education] On Monday, we did a running day. A running day is when we run and record our steps. On Tuesday, we got to the dancing unit. We started working on the "Electric Slide". The Electric Slide is made up of a bunch of grapevines and heel and toe steps. On Wednesday, We finished the Electric Slide. We started working on the "Louise". It is made up of a bunch of heel and toe steps and a bit of the grapevine. And on Friday, We finished the Louise dance steps. Just for fun, we did it super fast. We ended with the Cupid Shuffle. That is it for this week. I am Crystal, and that was our PE time.

Music by Danny

On Monday we played a game in it we hid a snake and when they were close we would sing louder.On tuesday we did not have music because of library.On Wednesday we continued to play black snake and found the notes to the black snake song.On Thursday we played black snake again.(it got a little loud.)

On Friday we did not have music because of art.

Box Tops

The class from each grade level who collects the most this quarter will earn an extra PE

with the best PE teachers in the district!


1. Clip your box tops logos off of participating General Mills products

2. EITHER put them in a baggie OR you can attach them to this collection sheet!

3. Send them to school with your child!


1. Clip the Bonus Box Top (anything that says it’s worth 2 or more box tops) or UPC code from participating Campbell’s products

2. Put them in a baggie

3. Send them to school with your child!

General Mills Box Tops and Campbells Labels for Education are two easy ways to help raise money and supplies for our school! This is a FREE fundraiser for our school! The money raised through this fundraiser goes to support our PE and Music departments and buys supplies for instruction that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide, like our rock climbing wall to build upper body strength in PE and mallet instruments in music class.

You can also visit their websites to find complete listings of participating products and other ways you can participate.

Box Tops:


Let’s keep clipping Conley!!!!