Supply/Demand Y6

Collected Resources for Year 6

Brainpop Resources

Favorite Webpages:

Here are some useful sites:

Tools to teach about money management:­supply­demand­classroom­activities.html

Trading Game:

Lemonade Stand Game:

Bartering Game:­Bartering­Game.pdf

Supply Demand Game:

Wee Seed:

Trading Around the World Game:

Resources collected in past: ­ on line games (advertising tricks, shopping smart), (spending, making, managing money), (ex’s of advertisements), (click on TOSHI and then supply chain) (trading game with lemonade) (chocolate trading game for supply and demand)

Follow a banana from growth to UK­witches­and­supply­and­demand.html­town­Ice­Diana­Appelbaum/dp/0531300404­Swapped­Dad­Two­Goldfish/dp/0060587032 ­ The Story of Supply and Demand: Cabbage Patch Dolls

Literature resources ­­and­services

Fair Trade Chocolate Challenge:

Bring fair trade to your school (IB) programme: /

Teaching Kit:

Economics of Seinfeld- some not appropriate, watch first:

Life on Minimum Wage- would need to be adapted for HK but useful idea:

Videos that could be useful:

Animation: Trade Justice - why world trade rules need to change
Fair Trade: Every Purchase Matters
Song Lesson for Kids Homeschooling Economics Barter & Trade
The Hudsucker Proxy (8/10) Movie CLIP - The Hula Hoop Catches On (1994) HD
Supply and Demand - Explained the EASY way - A caveman could even understand this..
Why Fairtrade?
Bayside Fair Trade information video
John Hunter: Teaching with the World Peace Game
Life Lessons: Supply Demand
Understand Supply and Demand Music Video
Quest for Credit - Complete Version from

Downloading Ethics

Have you ever...

Downloaded a movie? song? book? How did you go about it?

Where do you purchase your... books, movies, music, clothes?

Do the people who created the items benefit from your purchase?

Have you ever gone to a store to window shop and then purchased the item online instead?

Books- where do you buy them?:

Anti-Piracy Movie:

Warner Bros, anti-piracy ad:

Information about Anti-Piracy Laws:

Anti-Piracy Movie:

Piracy it is a crime:

Collected by Debbie Alvarez