Tina's Mouth

By: Kennedi Miller

I had just finished the book Tina's Mouth. I really enjoyed this book because it could really can connect with a lot of teen girls. Because all of the stuff Tina was going through, I know lot of people who are going through the same thing. Like Tina's best friend Alex, left Tina to be all by her self. But real friends don't leave you for a boy. It was very cool to see that this is the kind of stuff people can actually relate to. And in another part of the story Tina was telling us about how she had liked this boy named Neil and He had finally told her that he liked her back but just a couple days later he was flirting with other girls. Tina had confronted him about it but he didn't seem to care and that made Tina feel some type of way.

I think the author is trying to reach to the younger side of book reader, such as girls specifically. Because at the age we are at no one can really relate to us and show us the right direction to go. I mean you could talk to your mom about it, but some people aren't comfortable talking to their parents about that kind of stuff. I think the author Really did a good job hitting all those key point. I like reading books like these because I can actually relate to what is going on in the story. I can also compare the situations in the story to my own experiences.

A way I can relate to the story is that the Alex left Tina for a boy. It was a pretty long time ago in 7th grade. And me and my friend Amari Had liked the same guy of course. And you can already tell that there was a conflict. And we had fought a couple times about it but eventually made up. Until one day Caden asked Amari out. That broke my heart because she actually said OK, I had never thought that my best friend would do that to me. I cried that whole day at least that's what my friends told me. We didn't talk about for a month and then I got over it, and we became friends again. Caden and Amari ended up breaking up because Amari didn't want her mom to find out. But a year later they got back together and everything is all good.

Sincerely, Kennedi M