Planet Dylkill

Found a new home on an Earth-like superstar.

Dylkill: Our New Home!

Dylkill is not like any planet you've ever seen beyond our old home. It looks so close to Earth. It;s breathable, it's blue and brown, and the temperature is solid as Earth. I did the research of this planet when I was 14.3 years old. (15 Earth years) There may be a few problems with it but there's always a way to overcome those problems.

How Far Are We From Earth?

Scientists have taught us that we are 1,400 Light Years away from Earth. Not only that but it took us 14,000 years for us to get to Dylkill. We would get here cryogenically frozen so that we wouldn't age.

Earth vs Dylkill



Average distance

from Sun _____________98 million miles__________________98 million miles____________________

Average Temperature 15C______________________________Unknown__________________________

Length of Day ________24 Hours_________________________Unknown__________________________

Length Of A Year _____1 Year____________________________1.05 Years_________________________

Number Of Moons ___ 1_________________________________Unknown__________________________

Number Of Rings _____0_________________________________Unknown__________________________

My Age on Planet _____15________________________________14.3_______________________________

Force of Gravity _______9.8N_____________________________15.96N____________________________

My Weight ____________623.6N___________________________1,015.6N__________________________