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ZOMBIE ARE COMIN HURRY : things you will need

-you need lots of;food,water,shelter,family to keep you company and lots of tools like knifes and things that can kill zombies and clothes but make sure zombies don't get you or then well your fried eggs. i hope this is useful for you


zombies are really a big pain plus problem they are really dead and i still don't understand how they walk while there dead
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Basin and Range

The Basin and Range is isolated Mountain of different heights.IT also contains Canyons Death Valley and the lowest point in North America.
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Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains stretches from Alaska to New Mexico.The Rocky Mountains are younger and taller than the Appalachian Mountains.Also the Rocky Mountains are rugged and pointy.It contains the continental Divide.
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Coastal Range

The coastal Range is located along the pacific coast.Stretches from Canada to New Mexico.Its made up of rugged Mountains,Fertile Valleys,and the rocky Beaches.The Mountains Ranges are Sierra Nevada and the cascades.
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9 probably might survive for basin and range because its pretty safe for throwing zombies of and you can live there its pretty hot

7 you might survive for rocky mountains. also pretty awesome because the zombies you can throw them of and dead they go and the zombies is one but in the high up its hard to breath but good but if you have a air mask then you can rate this a 100% and by the way its cold

8 i think its a possibility you will for coastal range because it has little bit big mountains but they can still fall of also and they have beaches and you can have somewhere to take a bath there`s one thing also YOU CAN hide in the grass make sure they don`s eat your BraInZ