RES Staff Update

September 10-14, 2018

Calendar Updates

Wednesday, 9/12

  • ASCD consultant meeting moved to pm

Wednesday, 9/19

  • Boy Scout Rally (7 pm)

Monday, 9/24

  • Clarification---flu shots are for staff

Thursday, 9/27

  • Moran @ Technology Liaison Meeting (4:30 pm)

Friday, 9/28

  • Treats provided by 4th & 5th-grade teams

Update for CF-TESS

Teachers will need to view this quick video (in the link below) in order to be updated on this year's CF-TESS. We've opted to have you watch the video on your own time rather than hold a face-to-face meeting. Courtney, Carrie, and I are here if you have any questions. Once you've completed this, you will complete the Verification of Annual Review (in CFPGS) no later than Monday, September 17. You may also check out the appraisal section of the hub for the appraiser assignments.

Campus Time Equivalency

If you have not already joined the Google Classroom for your CTE book study, please do so this week. Assignments will begin next week for both book studies.

Class Codes:

Kids Deserve It: yisek4h

Blended Learning in Action: 7won14

Staff Dress for the Week

Monday-Donate to Educate shirts (this year's version only) and jeans, or professional dress

Tuesday-Team shirt with jeans or professional dress. For Curriculum Nights, you may wear your team shirt with nice pants.

Wednesday-Jeans for those who participated in Curriculum Night on Tuesday and for those who will participate on Thursday evening. All others--professional dress.

Friday-New staff shirt or New PTO shirt with jeans or professional dress

Online Compliance Course (Required by all CFISD Staff)

The due date for completing the online compliance course is October 8. All staff received an email about this, but the directions for accessing the course are below.
2018-2019 Master Calendar

You will receive a paper copy of this. Please make sure to check the Staff Update each week for any changes.