By Ryan F.

Start of the economy

The mesopatamia started in 2000 B.C. When they started the citizens needed a way to get money, food and other things. so they started an economy system so they could get the things they needed to stay alive and thrive and have a good surplus. A surplus is extra of something. Some people have a surplus of money some people have a surplus of food and water.

Social classes

There were social classes. The upper class, mid class and the lower classes. They all were made up of different types of people. The upper class was mostly made of kings, land owners, priests and queens. The middle class is where most of the people are shoe makers, farmers and just normal people. The lower class had only one type of people and it was slaves.

Trading boosts the economy

The citizens had to come up with a way to make money. They made farms. They used the farms for trade and to get money. They traded to get things that they did not have. the traded for skills, or the right place to grow the crop or, make pottery. They might trade things to get someone's ideas like an irrigation system. They sold their surplus because they would not use it because they had too much of something and it might go bad.


With all the farming they did, they had to come up with a way to be more productive. Also to make it no so hard on them. They made things like plows to make the ground softer and large baskets to collect food.
Mesopotamian Agricultural Surplus
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