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This technique is used when a writer or speaker is urging readers or listeners to "jump on the band wagon" and do what everyone else is doing. The expression had a political origin. Parades honoring political candidates were oftern lead by a loud band riding on a wagon. Local leaders would hop aboard the wagon and people would follow. Today the technique is used to influence consumers to "join others" in purchasing a product or supporting a candidate because "everyone else is doing so."
Coca-Cola Polar Bears Commercial 2013


This technique uses an admired person, to endorse a product and hopefully influence people. It is used as a tribute to the product or idea. The person actually "speaks" about the product.
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Good feelings, looks, or ideas transferred to the person for whom the product is intended.
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This technique consists of repeating a word, phrase, or name, to get someone to remember their product.
Snapple Better Stuff

Emotional Words

Words such as luxury, beautiful, paradise, and economical are used to evoke positive feelings in the viewer.
Allstate mayhem commercial - Dean Winters as Teenage Girl in Pink Truck

Compare and Contrast

The viewer is led to believe one product is better than another, although no real proof is offered.
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Name Calling

Negative words are used to create an unfavorable opinion of the competition in the viewer's mind.

Geico Caveman Commercial, The Original