Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Background on the Uglies

Tally Youngblood is a 15 year old girl that lives in Uglyville. At the age of 16, everyone undergoes a special surgery to become beautifull, then they are moved to New Pretty Town. Tally anticipates the day where she can join all her friends, but Special Circumstances stops her before she can undergo the surgery. She is forced to go find a rustic town filled with uglies called the Smoke. While there, she makes new friends and falls in love. She has to make the choice whether to betray her new home, or turn pretty once and for all.

Future Career Plans

After completing the one year Medical Assistance program, I would like to gain employment at a hospital or clinic somewhere warm such as Florida. There is a high population of old-sters, so the job market is high and in demand. I will make about $35,000 a year and can and probably will be promoted. I do not wish to marry, instead, I will raise my family of cats and take annual vacations to Cabo San Lucas

New Characters

Starrrr-main character

Jennifer-Talking dog that Starrrr befriends in jail

The Head Hanchos-The group that controls every aspect of life

Book Jacket!!!


In the year 3030, the land once known as Canada crumbled leaving everyone to live in the sky. Citizens are required to take pills given out by the Head Hancho to turn them ugly at adulthood. The Head Hanchos strive for a population of equal ugliness so competition and jealousy are at their minimum and the world can become a more productive place. Starrr, a 19 year old doctor in training fears taking the pill due to the high number of deaths associated with it. She is mischievous and her urge

to learn more about the pills effects lands her in jail. There, Starrr befriends a talking dog named Jennifer and together, they adventure to places beyond the Skylab to find a cure for the horrible Ugly pills. Will they be able to save humanity??


Starrr goes to school to be a doctor-a profession already chosen for her

-After many of her friends die from the pills, she tries to escape and steal some pills for analasys, but ends up in jail

-There she meets Jennifer, a talking dog who is sickly.

-Together they trick the guards to let them out of jail and explore the skylab in search of the Pills.

-The find a room filled with mutant cows. THE MUTANT COWS MAKE YOU UGLY

-Now knowing the awful ingredients, the two escape through the clouds and land safely on a chunk of Canada.

-Starrr uses her doctor skills to find an injection to make people immune to the pills.

-The two travel back to the sky and spread the world, and the Head Hancho is defeated. The end.

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