Papanicolaou Stain

What is the papanicolaou stain?

multichromatic stain used principally on exfoliated cytologic specimens, giving great transparency and detail, and important in cancer screening, especially of smears of the female genital tract.
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What is the procedure of papanicolaou stain?

The entire procedure is known as Pap smear. The classic form of Pap stain involves five dyes in three solutions: A nuclear stain, haematoxylin, is used to stain cell nuclei, and the unmordanted hamatein may be responsible for the yellow color imparted to glycogen

who and when should get procedure?

Women between ages 30 to 65 every 5 years
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What it is used for ?

Pap staining is used to differentiate cells in smear preparations of various bodily secretions; the specimens can be gynecological smears, sputum, brushings, washings, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, abdominal fluid, seminal fluid, fine needle aspiration material, tumor touch etc..
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The three main advantages of this staining procedure are

(1) Good definition of nuclear detail.

(2) Cytoplasmic transparency.

(3) Indication of cellular differentiation of squamous epithelium

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