Bill To Law

The Law Making Process

The Beginning Of A Bill

Every Bill starts out as an idea that can come from your average citizen, the president, or special interest groups.

Committee Action

After the bill is introduced it is sent to the standing committee that is related to the subject of the bill. The committee can pass the bill. Mark up a bill with changes and suggest that it be passed, or replace the bill and let it or kill the bill outright by majority vote.

Debating a Bill

Bills approved in a committee are ready for consideration by the full house or senate. The members argue their pros and cons and discuss amendments. The house accepts only amendments relevant to the bill.

Rules of Debate

In the house the rules committee sets the terms for debate. It puts time limits on the discussion, to speed up action. the senate has fewer rules, and they can speak as long as they wish. One member can speak- holding the floor for hours, delaying a vote until the bills sponsor withdraws the measure. The senate can end a filibuster if three-fifths of the members vote for culture. under this no one may speak for more than one hour.
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