Parkinson's Disease

Stem Cells Can Help! By Julia Block and Nevin Bunag

What is Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's disease is a type of disorder of the nervous system that affects your movement. A brain chemical, called dopamine, controls the movement of different parts of the human body. If these cells begin to die, control of these certain areas throughout your body will be lost. The disorder can be detected by an uncontrolled tremor in one hand. Other symptoms of the disorder are trouble balancing, lowered blood pressure, uncontrolled drooling and facial expressions, keeping stable body temperature and much more. Around 500,000 people in the U.S. alone have this disease. As of right now, there's no cure, but stem cells could help...
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Stem Cells can be the Revolution of Parkinson's Disease:

Stem cells are tissues that can serve as an internal repair system. Stem cells can come from embryos and bone marrow from adults. Researchers have found a way to get stem cells from adults instead of embryo's. Adult stem cells regenerate and help make replacements for bones and muscles affected by injury. These adult stem cells can act as nerve cells and/or repair damaged ones. Another type of stem cell is pluripotent. These stem cells can transform into different cells in the body.This could help find a cure for Parkinson's disease.
Parkinson's Disease: Progress and Promise in Stem Cell Research

Say "Good-Bye" to Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is serious and could change your life forever. The changes your body suffers affect your everyday lifestyle. The things you took for granted like getting up out of your chair and even walking are now extremely challenging when you have this disorder. Why continue to work through the issues when you could make all the troubles go away? Studies show that yoga, dancing and other forms of body motion help settle side effects of the disease. If you can find 15 minutes in a day to simply stretch out your body by doing one of these activities, you will see that some struggles you once had aren't as hard to handle anymore. Do you want a cure for Parkinson's disease? There is a facility in Sayreville NJ looking for participants in seeing if stem cells could be the savior of putting an end to this disorder. This could change your life! How nice would it be to have your life back to the way it was? It is possible but the step needed towards finding the end to this tragic disease starts with you!

How can you help? Participants Wanted!

With help from you and others, we could change many lives throughout the world. The question we ask is how? There are one or more stem cell donors in each country. When a person is going to have a transplant involving stem cells, the tissue type being transplanted into the body should be the same. It could be difficult to find stem cells of the same tissue, unless from a related family member with the same tissue type. These donors are made to help find the same or similar tissue type to help the patient. There are many challenges that need to be taken care of before the stem cell therapies can take place. These stem cells can hold the answer to curing this disease, but right now, these stem cells are just an opportunity. Researchers are still trying to find the perfect stem cell that can hold the answer to getting rid of this threatening disorder. A new therapy involving stem cells called StemGenex was found to possibly help Parkinson's disease. This allows for the patient to use stem cells rather than drug medication to help the side effects of the disease. There are also bone marrow transplants, which are the first stem cells that could be used in a clinic. You could possibly be the difference of a person having or not having Parkinson's disease. If you don't want to donate your stem cells, you could simply donate money towards the cause. There are many organizations that are collecting money to help such as the American Parkinson Disease Association, Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Michael J. Fox Foundation, and many more! What are you waiting for? You can be a big help in finding a cure for this threatening disease. Donate today!