Alex Rider: Skeleton Key

By: Anthony Horowitz

Book review by David Lashko

Boom! A plane crashes in the distance, General Sarov walks away with his kilogram of uranium. Alex Rider gets sent to Wimbledon, there he has to monitor strange situations that have been happening at Wimbledon. Alex Rider later gets in a fight with a Chinese gang member from the Triad Circle. Alex is notorious for ruining other organizations, in other words hes unstoppable. Carter and Troy work for M16 are also known for a lot accomplished missions. General Sarov is a grumpy former Soviet General. Hes never on his good side always find his ways.

Book Review

The young spy joins a group of spys consisting of Troy and Carter and Alex. When Alex's group of spys goes to Skeleton Key, when they try to get into Sarov's residential house they have to through the scuba cave they get caught in a trap that Sarov set for any trespassers. Then Alex dives down there and encounters a shark and almost dies. Then that's where Sarov comes to play and kidnaps Alex. Alex wakes up in a sugar factory and Sarov's companion trys to kill by sending through a conveyor belt. After Sarov finds Alex, almost getting killed he calls of this whole incident and talks to Alex about how he had a son that died from the war in Afghanistan from a sniper wound. Sarov also tells him about how hes going to blow up Murmansk. Read this book to find out what happens and how Alex will to react to all this bracket. The setting bounces around from London to Cuba to Russia.

Book Review Cont.

I think this book is very detailed and fits for a person that is a James Bond fan because is basically the young version of him. I like this book because of what stands for, its a young boy whose choices will effect his life forever. It stands for a person that has never rely on anyone because he has no one for him. I believe that any person would like this book because of its content and everyone who i know that reads it says they favor a lot even if they are not into those area of books. And people who are interested in action books or even movies.