Once Upon A Metropolis.

Downtown Toronto.

Over The Suburbs' Crowding.

Downtown Toronto is one of the most outstanding metropolises. With suburbs surrounding it, many people like to visit something different and attractive. People from the suburbs are not used to crowded shops and roads everyday. While in Downtown this is what is happening at all hours because of the amount of people it contains. People that live in 3-4 buildings in Downtown are more people than some suburbs. However, most people that may be seen in Downtown do not live there and are probably just visitors. Imagine both of these groups of people, the ones that do not live there and the ones that do. These two groups share a space everyday; this statement should help readers know how crowded it must get. Many people that do not live in this area still work in Downtown. They must get to work everyday on time with the distance and the traffic jams. This builds the question "Would you want to work in a crowded area like Downtown Toronto?". Many people choose to work in Downtown despite its overcrowding. In Downtown it seems like everyone has their own things to do and places to be. A lot of people find that is something they want to be involved in which is why they either live there or have a job there, not to even mention its beauty.

The Turns Of Downtown.

As I was walking down the streets I saw many types of different people. This place is very multicultural, so many different types of people live here and walk down the streets. Downtown includes places and attractions for many cultures. One example of this would be Chinatown. I walked through Chinatown and saw how at home these people must feel when they visit here. Many residence get homes near these sorts of places because of things like Chinatown so they can feel at home. Chinatown is definitely not the only attraction for sure. The Eaton Center and The CN Tower are big attractions to Toronto as well. The Toronto Eaton Center contains three Starbucks inside it, while some suburban areas do not even have one. This is because owners believe that even with three Starbucks in one place they will make more business than a small place because of the amount of people the Toronto Eaton Center has. Each day new people come and visit it and buy from these places. Even with three of the same things in the same place, their business is still doing well. While in Downtown I saw different transportation that I do not usually see where i live. Transportation like tour buses, bike rentals, taxis, and trains. Toronto has expressways and subways which Mississauga does not have. I learned that this place has the world's biggest underground shopping mall. That is another attraction that brings people there. When looking at Toronto it seems like its a very polluted area that upsets the environment. This is what is thought by everyone at first but then I came to learn that Toronto is more environment friendly than I thought. It contains windmills that helps the environment. It has green roofs on residential buildings. It has bike rentals which does look like the best way to be environment friendly in not just Toronto but in all places. Bikes should be used more often and Toronto encourages that with its bike rentals. You will not find many, but there are parks and open spaces as well. If you really look Downtown does try to be environmentally friendly even with all of its pollution.
Strolling down Yonge street in downtown Toronto.
In this video a typical person is walking down the streets in Downtown. Crowded roads, clustered shops and traffic problems are shown. There are buildings in every direction and no open space. There is not a place that does not contain people, every person is different by the way they look, what they carry, and how they dress; It shows how multicultural Downtown is. What is heard is people talking and the honking of vehicles. Different kinds of transportation is shown such as tour buses.