Night of the Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman

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YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book is the best book i have ever read!! It is about a boy and his best friend being stuck in 2 or 3 very bad tornadoes!!

2 Examples of Problem and solution

One problem in the story is that there was a tornado and Dan could not find his mom any were and he did not know if his dad was hurt or if he was still on the farm. To find his mom, Dan left the armory and went to k-mart. When Dan got to k-mart, a man yelled, ''that place was flooded!! People there were sent to places all around town!!'' Dan peered in k-mart. then he ran to the curb and sat down and cried. After a while, Dan's dad drove up. his dad and his mom were in the car. They ran out and hugged each other. And Ryan. One other problem and solution in the story includes at the beginning or kind of the middle, Dan grabbed Ryan's his arm got caught in the mobile. Dan carried Ryan down to the basement and Arthur shined the light on him. Luckily, Dan got it untangled and off Ryan's arm.

The Summary of the Story

In the beginning of the story, Dan and Arthur were at the beach. It was a sunny warm day but soon it changed it was then getting cold and windy so Dan and Arthur rid their bikes home. It started raining bad. Dan, Arthur and mom turned on the t.v. in the middle, there is a tornado and Dan and Arthur are home alone in the basement during the tornado. Soon, Dan's hole house is gone. Dan also cant find Manerva!! In the end, Mrs. Smilie dies...... And then a year later, Dan had Arthur had dinner together just like the NIGHT OF THE TWISTERS!!!!!!

The Setting

The setting in the story is Grand Island Nebraska, and 3 facts about it include the capital is Lincoln and 2 is its state bird is the western meadow lark and 3 can be one of its major rivers, the north plate river.