Fifth Grade: Specials Spotlight

Fourth Quarter 2016-2017

Exploratory Team

The teachers of these exploratory classes are committed to inspire the creative genius in all students through art, technology, library media, music, counselor and physical education.


We had a chance to relax and have fun in the last quarter of 5th Grade Music! After all of their hard work and their amazing program in March, we spent time learning about and playing ukuleles! Students learned about chords and played I(C) – IV(F) – V7(G7) chord accompaniments while they sang some fun songs. We also watched our annual musical. This year we watched “The Music Man”, which they seemed to really enjoy! I wish each of these students the very best as they move on to the next chapter of their amazing lives! I hope you have a wonderful summer and take some time to sing and dance along the way!


The end of the 2016-2017 school year is here. With the end of the year comes many traditions and celebrations. It has been a tradition at Riverview Elementary to award one student from each grade the honor of being the artist of the year. This is kept secret from the students until the awards ceremony. A piece of art has been selected to represent each student. These works of art will be framed and they will hang in the Riverview office for the next school year. In addition, one work of art is chosen to be framed and hung at the DeSoto School District office until the student graduates. Congratulations to these students, as their artwork was outstanding! Thank you for all you do to encourage the artist within your child!

Portfolios have all gone home with students over the last few weeks. It is so exciting to look at how much our artists have grown in their talents over the course of the school year. I hope everyone has taken the time to share and discuss your child's art with them. They have made great progress this year with their art talents!

I want to thank all of the Riverview families I have been fortunate to meet and talk to. I have truly enjoyed working with your children this year at Riverview. Enjoy your summer!


Fourth quarter was filled with awesome activities! The students played basketball right in the middle of March Madness, and it was really fun to be able to learn about the sport at such a prime time. We also had a striking unit, where students practiced striking objects with their body as well as using implements such as pillow paddles, noodles, and rackets. We were able to do some fun activities such as "beat the ball" and "homerun derby". Fourth quarter is always so busy but so exciting! Field Day was such an awesome way to end the quarter. The students seemed to have a great time, and I saw AMAZING sportsmanship all day long! I have been extremely proud of this group of students, and am so sad to see them leave Riverview. I know they will do awesome things! It has been an honor to be their P.E. teacher!!


In fifth grade, we finished up our Google Tour Builders. The kids did an amazing job! Please take a second to view our Tour Builder Projects at: Click on your child's teacher's Padlet and look for their name. Simply click the pink link to view their project.

We also got a chance to use the new Ozobots PTA purchased for us . The kids loved designing coded mazes on paper and using them with our ipads.

We were lucky to have Detective Stirling from the Shawnee Police Department give fourth and fifth graders an hour long talk on internet and app safety. He had some great tips, echoed much of what we have learned throughout the years and taught us new things that we could implement in order to keep ourselves safe.

I've enjoyed this group of kiddos. I will miss them next year! I wish you the best in 6th grade!


In our library classes this quarter we reviewed our procedures for our fire, tornado, and intruder drills. Participants in the William Allen White reading program voted for their favorite 3rd-5th and 6th-8th nominees. It was fun to see the variety of favorites this year! We are being held in suspense as the official winners have not been posted! We explored books from the reference section of our library and the purpose of each book. We talked about encyclopedias and reviewed some basic rules to follow when searching for a topic. We had fun exploring the almanac and sharing facts of interest with each other. We enjoyed stories read by members of the Screen Actors Guild online. I have enjoyed having your children in the library over the years at Riverview. It’s fun to see them grow and change from year to year. I will miss seeing them in the halls. I wish them the very best as they head to middle school next year. Please keep reading and enjoying books from the public library over the summer!

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