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Praise & Prayer Update of Lloyd and Dahl Estrada


One of the reasons we agreed to come to the Americas Area is to learn from the ongoing Bible translation movement here. We have heard so many exciting reports about how Latin American Christians, churches and organizations are playing key roles in Bible translation ministries. We wanted to see for ourselves what God is doing here, and somehow participate in his work. And we are blessed by what we have seen so far.

Last June 14-17, we were in the Líderes de América meetings in San Salvador, El Salvador. We met with Wycliffe leaders and partners who came as far as Canada in the north and Argentina in the south. The meetings had the theme, "United amid changing times." Lloyd facilitated a workshop on pursuing our unchanging mission within a constantly changing Latin American context. He also gave introductory Bible translation presentations to a group of Salvadorean pastors and to the administrative personnel of Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador. Listening to the stories of our colleagues and pastors has increased our appreciation for the remarkable growth of the Church in the Americas and the Caribbean.

More Prayer Requests

  1. As of this writing, our son Ian is preparing to run in a 32K race in Manila. Please pray for good health and safety, especially because of newfound passion for running. His next goal is to compete in a 100K run next March.
  2. Continue to pray for our younger son Alan. We mentioned last month that he is part of the robotics team of the University of Massachusetts Lowell that qualified for NASA's RASC-AL Robo-Ops competition this year. They have finished building their rover. The onsite competition will be held in Houston, TX on June 4-6. This has already been a valuable learning experience for Alan, but we are still praying that his team would win the competition.
  3. Lloyd needs a tourist visa to Turkey. However, since there is no Turkish Embassy in Costa Rica, the process is a little complicated; he has to apply for a visa through the embassy in Mexico. Please pray for God's favor in this process.
  4. Lloyd has preaching assignments on June 2nd and 9th. The challenge in these assignments is two-fold. First, they are Spanish-speaking churches and so, Lloyd is planning to preach completely in Spanish. Second, these churches have very little awareness on cross-cultural missions. So pray for a transformation of perspectives among the members of these churches so that they would see their local and global roles in fulfilling the mission of God.

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