What's up in Room 505?!

Weekly Happenings in Miss Casselli's 3rd Grade Class

Dates to Remember!

Don't Forget...

November 23rd - January 12th:

December 2nd - January 15th:

  • Fuzzy Puppy Foundation Collection

January 6th - 12th:

  • 3rd Grade Motion Assessment

January 12th:

  • Home & School Association General Meeting - 7:00 PM - Titus Dining Room
  • 2nd Grade PEN - Mr. Bear Day

January 13th:

  • 5th Grade NOVA Cyber Bullying Presentations

January 18th:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day - School Holiday

January 19th:

  • 6th Grade PEN - Robotics Presentations at Buckingham ES

January 20th:

  • iRun4Life Registration Information in Wednesday's Folder
  • Young Engineers' Night - CB East HS

January 21st:

  • Home & School Association - MLK Night of Service -More information to follow in January 13th Wednesday Folder

January 22nd:

  • Home & School Association K - 3 Magic Night

In School This Week... 11/11/-11/15

The students are working hard in Everyday Math Unit 5!

Unit 5 has three main areas of focus:
1. To extend previous lessons on the base- ten place- value system to whole numbers through millions and to decimals through thousandths,
2. To apply these concepts to reading, writing, and comparing and ordering whole numbers and decimals, and
3. To use whole numbers and decimals in real-life contexts.

Practice Place Value & Decimals at home:

  • Gamequarium
  • Toon University
  • Decimals In Space
  • Funbrain
  • Scooter Quest
  • Place Value Football

  • Continue practicing multiplication & division facts at home:

    Timed Multiplication Facts
    Math Playground-Flashcards
  • Space Racer Multiplication Game
  • Classroom Capers
  • Jungle Jim
  • Multiplication Home
  • Multiplication-Many Games
  • Multiplication Jeopardy
  • Demolition Division
  • Croc Doc Division

  • Writing:

    The students are ending their Opinion Writing Unit. During this unit, the students read and wrote essays defending particular opinions as they explore elements of opinion writing. They also learned to identify an audience for their essay, state and support their opinions with reasons, and use linking words to connect ideas. They explored writing clear, direct openings and conclusions. Socially, they learned to express their own opinions while respecting and considering the opinions of others.

    At the end of the week students will complete their final piece of the best holiday.


    The students are working on implementing compound sentences, and adjectives in their writing.

    Each student will also be completing a supplemental grammar packet to assess their progress in third grade.


    We are working through Unit 29 in our spelling books. This unit is focuses on contractions.

    The students will...

    - Read the words, identify the spelling rule, and write complex contractions.

    -Rhyme and use word structure to reinforce the spelling rule

    -Use idioms and context clues to reinforce comprehension of complex contractions.

    -Demonstrate mastery of the unit spelling words


    We have just jumped into our new Disaster Unit!

    Week 1- The Titanic

    Week 2- The Pompeii

    Week 3- Patrick and the Great Molasses Explosion

    The students will...

    Determine the important information:

    -Summarize the main idea of a text, and recount for key details and explain how they support the main idea.

    Work on comprehension skills & strategies:

    -Fact & opinion

    -Cause & Effect

    -Compare & Contrast

    Word skills:

    -Synonyms, word endings & syllabication

    Ask me about: What is a cause and effect from the Titanic and Pompeii? What is the difference between a fact and an opinion?


    The students are ending their Motion Unit by participating in the 3rd Grade Motion Assessment.

    Students will:

    · Work collaboratively with a small group (sharing and respecting different views, taking turns, problem solving)

    · Demonstrate different types of motion in front of a motion sensor, which will convert their motion to a graph on their computer

    · Repeat motion experiments with their group to try to get similar results (graphs)

    · Look at completed motion graphs, and try to recreate the motions that caused them

    This part of the assessment is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable extension of all they have learned about motion. Students do not need to study or prepare in any way for this part of the assessment. Our class will be conducting our motion experiments starting this Friday 1/8 and ending next Tuesday 1/12 from 12- 3pm. Children will still attend their special classes. If a child misses one of the sessions for any reason, they will make it up with another class.

    Our written assessment for motion will be next Thursday 1/14. I sent an email home with the the Big Ideas, so you know what vocabulary we are stressing in this unit.

    Ask me about: What is your favorite part of the 3rd grade assessment?

    Try this at home:
    Enrichment Activities at Home
    Push or Pull
    Forces in Action
    Forces & Movement
    Sports & Motion
    Science & Basketball