A Little Bit Scary

By, Jack Gordon

You may think that Mentrice is a little bit scary,but...

  • He gives you balloons.
  • He's the life of your party!
  • He will help you bake.
  • He is in a book club and likes to read.
  • He would never hurt you.

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Good Deeds

  • He donates to charity.
  • He helps you if you need it.
  • He saves lives.


  • He has a caring and grateful mom.
  • His dad Loves basketball and is always happy.
  • His older sister is always winning about stuff.

Mentrice's Favorite Thing To Do

  • He LOVES electronics.
  • He likes basketball.
  • He loves building with legos because he can create anything.
  • He loves using his imagination.


  • He loves science because he likes making potions and stuff like that.
  • He is a drama king.
  • He likes solving problems.