Sport Science

By: Jonathan, Tyler, Mahdi, and Hemant

Gastrocnemius by: Hemant

Gastrocnemius is located in the back portion of the leg. While playing soccer you use your Gastrocnemius run, kick, and goal because Gastrocnemius is in your back position of your body. In football Gastrocnemius help you by running and kicking. In baseball Gastrocnemius help you by running. Gastrocnemius help you in many other sports to for running, kicking, and jumping.

Biceps By: Tyler

Biceps help jump and run with the momentum when you move them and balance you and when you jump to head the ball in soccer. The goalkeeper can use it to pass it to his teammate and when one of the players on the field can go to the side of the field and do a throw in and you do need strong biceps for that cause you have to take it over your head and go from there.
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Sartorius By: Jonathan

The Sartorius muscle is used for power jumping and running. The Sartorius muscle is your hamstring and is front of your Femur. For Soccer you might need to kick the ball really high, the sartorius muscle has to be flexible and kick the Soccer ball in the air to make a goal. In Football you need powerful Sartorius muscles to break out of tackles and jump high in a catching situation. In Basketball you need to jump high on a rebound to get the ball, because your sartorius has to push yourself up to get the ball. Lastly, in baseball you can use your sartorius muscle to run fast to a base. In Baseball you have to be really fast to steal a base so if you push of the Sartorius muscle you can have a great start.

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Deltoid By: Mahdi

Deltoid is the muscle covering the joint of the shoulder. Playing basketball activates muscles throughout your upper body.Dribbling involves your deltoids, triceps, biceps and forearm muscles.Strong deltoids, triceps muscles enable you to shoot the ball over an opponent with more force and power. Strong biceps improve your ability to grab rebounds quickly and regain position of the ball. your body for shooting also calls on the deltoids and back muscles.

You use deltoid muscles to play defense. For defense you use it for stealing the ball or blocking the ball.

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Femur By: Tyler

You wouldn't be able to run, jump to tackle a person in football if you hurt your femur, or huddle a person for a touchdown. For soccer you wouldn't be able to kick a goal or pass you need you femur for every sport. For baseball when you're batting you need to shift your weight to one side to put power into the ball. For basketball when you're playing defense you need to shuffle and run down the court constantly and jump to do layups and shoot.

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Fibula By: Hemant

Fibula is the outer and usually smaller of the two bones between the knee and the is used for running and can be used for kicking a soccer ball. If fibula is missing then there is no way you will be able to kick the soccer ball. You would need a powerful fibula to kick a soccer ball.

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Radius By: Jonathan

Radius in one of the two largest bone of the forearm. Radius in located near unal. In soccer you use radius to goalkeeper. In baseball you use your radius to throwing ball, hitting the ball by bat, and catching the ball. In football you use your radius bone to throw the ball and catch the ball.

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Ulna By: Mahdi

The Ulna is parallel to your radius and is located in the arm. The Ulna can be used for catching a football and throwing a ball in baseball. The Ulna supports the hand to throw a ball, and the Ulna is in motion to throw the ball.

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Nervous System By: Jonathan

The nervous system is key for soccer, baseball, football, and basketball. The reason why is that the nervous system controls your reflexes, planning, and execution. For example you need reflexes as a cornerback in football to block a ball. A quarterback in football you need to plan and execute to make a good play.

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Endocrine By: Jonathan

The endocrine system is a network of gland that produce and release hormones that help control many important body function. Your glands have to be be active so your insurance have to be high in running fast in football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. Also your glands have to be destroying bad chemicals so you can be ready for game time.

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