Golden Globes Recap

By: Maurizio Marrero

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Best Dressed

The 73rd Annual Golden Globes were held this past weekend which means it’s time to discuss the best looks from the red carpet. As always, countless actresses and actors shined in high end gowns and suites. Among the many actresses in their divine gowns was Kirsten Dunst in Valentino Couture. With this plunging neckline it showed off just the right amount of skin which made her look sexy yet elegant at the same time. She wore her hair up, which showcased her earrings and made her look even more graceful. Kirsten manged to make a statement and look effortless while doing it.

Necklines lower than Donald Trumps IQ.

To go along with what Kirsten Dunst wore, one of the hottest trends of the 2016 Golden Globes red carpet was plunging necklines. Plunging necklines can be very risky business, but when executed properly the results can be stunning. Many actresses from Olivia Wilde to Jaimie Alexander all looked remarkable in their gowns. All the actresses who flocked to this trend all pulled it off and gave off an extremely sexy appeal.
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Worst Dressed

Now it's time to discuss what every actress on the red carpet worries about, the worst dressed. When you have the best dressed, you must have the worst dressed it's like yin and yang. Even though we love Melissa Mccarthy, this red carpet look was not her top one. Last year she looked amazing at the Golden Globes and I expected more of her this year.
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Most Talked About

The most talked about look of the night was probably Lady Gaga. Gaga channeled a Marilyn Monroe inspired look in an Atelier Versace gown. There was padding added to the waste so that Gaga could achieved that iconic hourglass figure. In this Versace creation Lady Gaga look marvelous which is no wonder why she got so much attention.

Who Wore it Best

Lily Games and Saoirse Ronan both wore very similar dresses to the golden globes. The both were very flowy Greek goddess gowns, with a cape in the back. Lily wore her hair down and Saoirse wore behind her ears. Even though Saoirse looked stunning Lily was able to pull the look off better.