Saving and Using Money Wisely

by Kara Gehring and Cassidy Maurer

Saving Money

Apply Yourself

Work hard to get good grades and maintain a GPA above 3.5. Get a good ACT score and challenge yourself to improve that score by two points. Doing both of these will allow you to apply for any scholarships you qualify for. This includes national, local, and scholarships your college offers.

*Hint: Everything has a deadline. Make sure you know the deadlines ahead of time.

Apply for FAFSA

Thursday, Jan. 1st 2015 at 12am

Harbor Beach, MI, United States

Harbor Beach, MI

Apply for the FAFSA as soon as you can to have a higher chance of receiving more money for college.


In high school, try to take as many college classes as possible to get some of your basics finished. After graduation, take online classes at home to start your college experience. If that does not fit your lifestyle, start small. Go to a community or 2 year college to get your basics, then transfer to a university.

Living Situation

If living off campus, live with more roommates. It will reduce the cost of your rent if split between four people rather than two. In addition, carpool with someone. If living on campus and you do not feel comfortable rooming with a stranger, live with someone that you know.

*Warning: Not all of your friends are good roommates. Be sure to choose wisely.


Rent or buy used textbooks for your classes. Also, use your student ID for discounts on numerous items ranging from small items like movie tickets to big items like computers.

*Warning: Not all stores accept student ID's. Be sure to do research before purchasing items.

Using Money Wisely

Limit Spending Habits

Do not buy unnecessary items like clothing or food from gas stations. Ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" Also, if you go out to eat every day, or close to it, reduce that amount to only once or twice a week.

Make a Budget

Get a job. With every paycheck you accumulate, keep half of the amount in your possession. You need this to live off of until your next payday. Put the other half in your savings account.

*Reminder: Sometimes you may need to keep more than half in your possession. Just make sure not to repeat your spending habits multiple times.