New York

the big apple

one day in new york

Day you sharld so to visit the sefl .It is the most famous monument in New York .It's very tall and made of scopper.The self was designed by G.E ,a french man.It was built in 1831.It is situated at the tip of EI.Then,you could relax in central is a huge park in the city .In C.P ,there is a well know zoo ,lakes and's a good plage to have fun.In theeverning,you should see brodway and go to musical.It's no very cheap but it is wonthing on brodway,there are lights.It's crowod,it's quite lively and my famous for night life.

introduce New York

New York is a big city in America.

it Is more multicultural than Calvi

is more dangerous than Marseille.

there are more animation in New York than Bastia,

but Calvi is more calm than New York .

History of New York.

It's multicultural city. New York is a real melting pot. It is called the most multicultural city on Earth. This didn't happen a was young. They didn't even want understand. Few af us today live in towns in which there is only one culture. Today, we live towns where we are surrounded by many other cultures. If we live in a city, we will see people fromn all over the world.I think multiculturalism isz a great things.

Alicia keys

Alicia keys born January 25, 1981 in Harlem, is a pianist , singer , songwriter and performer, American actress .
Alicia Keys - New York

My favorite menu.

My favorite dish is the big cake the strawberries and with whipped cream.

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