LC UTM GCP Sales Campaign

Details, Activities & Terms & Conditions

How to Win:

  • Attract & convince people (friends, classmates, strangers) to go for GCP using the channels below
  • Fill in the form here to record the EP you have recruited:
  • 3 LC UTM members with highest number of EP recruited and successfully matched will be the winners
  • Minimum 3 matched EPs recruited to be eligible
  • The winner prize(s) will be RM400 cash, provided that the winner must join GCP and be matched in any GCP project this summer (Jun-Aug 2015) or next winter (Dec 2015 - jan 2016)
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How to help GCP to reach out to the WHOLE UTM?

1. Personal Approach -or- Class bashing

Introduce AIESEC's Global Citizen Programme to your friends, roommate, coursemates etc by using the info slides provided here:
You may present GCP to your coursemates before/after any of your classes: use the slides given! If they are interested to sign up directly, ask them to sign up through the link

If they cannot decide yet but interested, you may take down names of those interested and approach them later to explain in more detail. Else, you may pass the contact to Evelyne ( or JT (

*Should you need any flyers, contact JT.

2. GCP Flash Mob

Join our large scale GCP flash mob at:
  • Venue: Cengal Arked / Meranti Arked (to be confirmed)
  • Date: 16 March 2015 and 23 March 2015
  • Time: between 1pm and 2pm

AIESECers will scatter around cengal, and when the music starts, AIESECers will stand up from their seats and dance to a square-dance! Once the dance finishes, two emcees will present GCP to the crowd using PA system & projector, and direct the students to our GCP booth in the area.

How you can help: dance like never before (don't be shy!) and help distribute flyers.

*more details will be announced one or two days before flash mob day

3. Present GCP in the UTM BUS !!

When you go to / come back from classes, present in front of the bus passengers about GCP and distribute the flyers to them after that.
UTM is very huge and the bus network is where the students are concentrated.
By presenting this, we can increase the understanding of AIESEC and GCP in the whole UTM.
  1. Prepare the simple slides here in your laptop / tablet / print them out
  2. Board the bus as the last passenger and ask permission from bus driver to promote something (and promise you won't be too loud)
    - tested and worked 100%
  3. Stand in front of all passengers and show your slides / paper to promote. Encourage the students to step out of their comfort zone and GO EXCHANGE!
  4. Distribute the flyers (contains our booth info and sign up link) to all passengers
  5. DONE!


  • Demo video!!!
  • Step out of your comfort zone and do something crazy!
  • Get a partner (any AIESEC member) to assist you if you are shy :))
  • KPI: At least 30 presentations done in 30 buses!
AIESEC UTM - GCP Bus Ambush!

Your help is really appreciated! Because of you, LC UTM grows and more youths in UTM can go for life-changing exchange experiences!