To Chew or Not to Chew gum

Samantha Yousef

Why chewing gum should be allowed in school

Chewing gum helps students stay alert and ready to learn. The movement of the jaw can help keep students awake. It is scientifically proven that chewing gum raises your metabolism by 20 percent. It is also said to be healthy because it avoids overeating. Chewing gum has had a significant increase in test scores over a 14-week period and students received better grades than those who had not chewed gum.

Why chewing gum shouldn't be allowed in school

It can be pretty annoying

Chewing gum in school can be pretty messy. It can be a nuisance for both teachers and students. Teachers and staff say it's distracting and annoying. It can also hurt somebody. Somebody can choke on it while talking or step on some in the hallway and fall. People also believe it can give you cavities from all the sugar.