By: Toni Vingle

Voting Requirements

In the state of North Carolina, there are 5 requirements to becoming a voter.

1. You must be a U.S. citizen.

2. You have to be a resident of the county and of your residential address.

3. You must be at least 18 years old.

4. You cannot be a felony, and if you are, you must serve out your sentence to become a citizen again.

5. You must cancel any previous registration from another county or state.

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Voter Registration

If you are voting, you have to sign and complete a voter registration application, which tells of their full name, residential address, date of birth, and their citizenship status.

Steps in voting

First, you need to obtain a ballot, which involves finding your polling place, which can be found in newspapers, and signing an application for the ballot. Then, a judge of election will determine and approve the ballot in which you are qualifying, and you are sent to your booth afterwards.

Next, you mark the ballot. In columns are the names of offices and candidates. Adjacent to that are incomplete arrows or small ovals, which you will mark to make your choice. Make sure to be well-informed of who you are voting for, and against.

Thirdly, check your ballot and make sure that you are sure of your choices.

Next, preserve your secrecy by placing it in the security sleeve that is provided.

Lastly, cast your ballot by taking it to the judge of election that is in charge of the ballot box that will then cast your vote for you.

Who doesn't vote, and Straight and Split ticket voting.

As you have read above there are certain requirements to who can and cannot vote. However, if you are a convicted felon, you may not vote until you have served your sentence and gained your citizenship again.

Straight ticket voting- voting for candidates that are in the same party to different positions in office.

Split ticket voting- split ticket voting involves voting for candidates of different parties for different positions in office.

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Ballot Fatigue

When there are too many candidates that are listed on the ballot, some people choose to ignore or skip them because they have grown tired of all of the selections/ choices.