Peters Twp. Middle School Library

October 2016 Happenings

Monthly Library Use

Classes held in the library: 85

Students visiting the library during study lab: 1395

Library database searches performed: 1508

Books checked out: 527

AR tests taken: 775

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Looking Ahead - 2016 PTMS Mock Election

The students will have the opportunity to cast their vote to determine who they would most like to be the next President of the United States during our mock-election, being held on Monday, November 7th in the PTMS Library! The students will come to the library during their social studies classes throughout the day. In addition to voting for a presidential candidate, students will also vote on a special Thon-related issue to see just how important their votes are!

Highlighted Library Lesson - World Language Projects

Any student taking Spanish, German, or French classes came to the library for at least 4 days during either September or October.

The students enrolled in world language A-classes used the Grolier database to learn more about an assigned person. Then they continued their research to learn more about that person's country and culture. They used the CIA World Factbook website and library books to help them with their research.

The students enrolled in world language B-classes used newly-learned Internet searching strategies involving operators to help them narrow their results to learn about the cuisine, tourist attractions, and holidays or festivals in an assigned foreign city. They gathered all of their research into a poster using Glogster.

All of the students did amazing research and found so many unique facts!

Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award 2016-17 - Nominated Titles

Visit the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Wiki to see all of the nominated titles for this year's Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award.

**Check these books out from the PTMS Library!

Upcoming Dates to Know:

11/7 - PTMS Mock-Election

11/10 - Parent/Teacher Conferences (no school for students)

11/11 - In-Service Day (no school for students)

11/23 - In-Service Day (no school for students)

11/24-28 - No School! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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PTMS Library Media Center

Mrs. Katie Stouden, Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Sharon Pampena, Library Secretary