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Things to Know About Rugged Smartphones

Rugged smartphones are typically associated with people who lead an active lifestyle, but they can be perfect for those who are constantly on the go, too. These smartphones are designed to be able to survive situations where they may be subject to impacts, falls, and extreme elements. One of the advantages about rugged smartphones is that they come with built-in protection against incidents like water damage from rain or snow, and dust particles, all of which may affect their performance. Some rugged smartphones are known for being water resistant, so they can be brought along while swimming, diving, or snorkelling. You can also use them when you have to work in areas where you are likely to get wet.

One of the most distinctive features of a rugged smartphone is its case. Since it is designed to be durable, the case is typically designed to have enough cushioning to make the phone stand up to any rough situation or usage. High quality rugged phones are able to survive accidental falls or impacts. The extra cushioning is provided by the silicone or rubber that wraps the phone. It helps make the phone shock-proof, too, resisting damage when knocked or dropped.

Rugged smartphones come in different sizes and styles. Most of them possess the features of other popular smartphone models such as a speedy processor, powerful CPU, dual SIM capacity, Wi-Fi and 3G, Bluetooth, front and back cameras, and a capacitive touch screen. Rugged smartphones may appear thicker and heavier than the typical smartphone due to their thicker case and wider frame, but many of these are surprisingly lightweight, easy to grip, and comfortable to use.

Some rugged smartphones have a longer battery life. This is due to the extra thickness, which is provided by the added layer of protection. Hence, manufacturers are able to add a larger and more powerful battery—plus additional features that may not have been possible in slimmer and trendier handsets. Rugged smartphones also come with built-in features and apps such as a compass, flashlight, and apps that are designed to help keep track of your fitness goals.

Are you worried that rugged smartphones look a little too rugged for daily use? Some manufacturers are making stylish, rugged smartphones that may be able to compete with the designs of trendier phones. This way, you would not have to feel awkward carrying it and using anywhere you go.

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