Adolf Hitler


REWARD: $1,000,000


  • Killed millions of innocent Jews (Murder)
  • Started the Concentration Camps (Imprisonment)
  • Violated international laws and fundamental rules
  • Persecuted people based on religion, race, culture, ethnicity, etc.
  • Enslavement
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Adolf Hitler was born in Branau am Inn, Austria, on April 22nd, 1889. As a young child Adolf Hitler took interest in fine art rather than business, which his father did not approve of, so he later became interested in German nationalism, rejecting the authority of Austria-Hungrary. This became the turning point in his life that motivated him to become the evil man he was. Later in life Adolf Hitler applied to a fine arts college and got rejected twice by Jews. He remained in a homeless shelter because of the death of his parents and here took interest in anti-semitism. Soon the outbreak of World War I broke out and Hitler applied to serve as a German soldier. Hitler had become very involved in the war and regained his passion for German patriotism. After World War I, Hitler became a general to monitor the activities of german soldiers. He then adopted many anti-semitism and DAP ideas. Soon on a regular basis he began to give speeches about his beliefs. The Great Depression rose after World War I, allowing a political opportunity for Hitler. He could promise the people everything was going to turn out ok if they listened to his ideas and plans. He used his position to create a dictatorship and gained control over the government branches. The Holocaust began and Nazi's were responsible for the deaths of the millions of Jews. Soon World War II broke out and Hitler was in charge with his several European leaders.


  • Social Darwinism
The theory that individuals, groups, and peoples are subjected to the same Darwin laws.

  • Anti-Semitism
The dislike for and prejudice toward Jews

  • Hating of the Jews and Blaming them
  • Was against Communism
A theory to create a classless society

  • Believed in Dictatorship


Adolf Hitler first applied to serve in World War I as a German soldier. After serving in the war he then became a military general once World War I ended. He adopted many beliefs about anti-semitism and he became more involved and interested in the wars. The Great Depression followed after World War I and Hitler became a military leader and he gave speeches about his beliefs to German citizens making them be interested in fighting the war and believing what Hitler believed. After the Great Depression Hitler and his European leaders became involved in World War II fighting against some of the largest armies. Due to the large attacks and Hitler's health the Germans were going to lose and Adolf Hitler realized it and drove them back to Western Europe. Later creating other wars.