Appropriate Online Behavior

By: Logan Sisel

Behavior Guidelines

These are some steps to having good behavior when online in accordance with Be truthful and be careful. Don’t post anything that would hurt someone else’s feelings. When talking in a chat room, be appropriate. Don’t swear or use explicit language. You never know who are talking to; it might be a little kid who you would be teaching derogatory language to. Also, be brief. Keep everything you say to a limit of 78 characters. Other people don’t want to read a novel to understand what you have to say. Be careful with humor and sarcasm. To you it might be funny, but to others it might be insulting or hurtful. Do not post irrelevant messages; to some people it’s classified as spam. Avoid putting words into full capitals. Online, all-caps is considered shouting. The law still applies online, so don’t joke about committing illegal acts. Also, mentions that whatever you post online is there forever.

My Opinion

These are some good rules to follow. One of the lesser known ones is to be brief. Being brief is something that a lot of people don’t do. It really does matter though. Also, a bunch of people write in all caps, even though they shouldn’t. One thing that people forget is that the internet can be viewed so the law applies. What you say to try to be funny could get you in tons of trouble.