BY Jordyn Brown

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The Earth and The Moon

The earth is were people live.The moon is something that comes out at night and something that you can see at night.
Planets Song Video


Neptune is a planet that and Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.Neptune has the most storms.
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Saturn is also one of the planets that.Saturn is the fifth planet from the sun.Saturn rings are made out of dust.
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Mars is my third favorite planet.Mars is the fifth planet from the sun.
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Mercury is my fourth favorite planet.Mercury is the first planet to the sun.
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Pluto is my fifth favorite planet.Pluto is the seconded planet to the sun.
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I have know Idea about this planet.But this planet is so rocky and gray.
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This is one of the moons of the planets don't know which planet but I know it is a moon
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This planet is a dwarf planet.
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Time for a song
Planets Song for Kids / Solar System Song

What is the surface of Neptune?

As a gaint ( ice or giant ),Neptune has no solid surface.In fact the blue green disc we have all seen in photographs over the years is actually a bit of an illusion.
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