Tuckets Travels

Gary Paulsen


Francis loose his family and need to get to Oregon to regroup with his family but, has many troubles along the way.

Third Person Omiscient Point of View

Examples from the text: Francis ran back to wake Billy and Lottie and they were all scared of what had happen to those country men.


Francis is a sharp shooter that needs to learn more about surviving in the wilderness.He is also nice helpful and is a lifesaver. He wears dirty buck skins and sleeps in a muddy buffalo robe. He is strong with a good aim at shooting.


That you should stay close with your family when your traveling if not you could get hurt and may never see them again.

Figurative Language

"He reloaded as fast as a rabbit" (Simile That helps show how fast he reloaded)

"The smell of the cooked meat was driving him crazy" (Sensory Language to show how Francis is feeling when he was starving the past few days

This shows what the characters uses threw the rising action and the climax to help him out. It also gives him confidence for the rest of the series when he gets his first victim.