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- caudillos: strong military leaders emerge

-Simon Bolivar: "the liberator" was a wealthy Venezuelan creole

- treaty of tordesillas: divided the Atlantic between Spain and Portugal

- José de San Martín: born in argentina, spent time in spain as military officer

- Miguel Hidalgo: village priest who believed in enlightenment ideals. 1810 called for a revolution

Important laws/events

1. Brazilian independence

In 1807, Napoleon marched on Lberian peninsula, forcing Portuguese royal family of king john VI to escape to Brazil, portugals largest colony.

2. Portuguese rule

Treaty of tordesillas of 1494 divided the Atlantic between Spain and Portugal.

3. Mexican independence

1820 revolution in Spain put a liberal government in power. Agustin Iturbine declared himself emperor, but was overthrown. 1824 establishment of the Mexican republic.

4. Argentinean independence

Ecuador , 1822; San Martin met with bolivar to decide how to remove remaining spanish forces In Lima, Peru


What are the effects happening when Spain set up colonies in the Americas?

Who's support do you gain when military influence increases and why?

Who was the dictator in Venezuela and what were things he did to affect his country?

Simon Bolivar Biography
Miguel Hidalgo
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Father José Morelos

A mestizo who wanted universal manhood suffrage, the abolition of slavery, and improved conditions for Mexicans in general