GoogleDocs Basic Training

Lunch & Learns and After-School Workshops

Come Learn the Basics

At this workshop we will go through the basics of GoogleDocs, or GoogleDrive as it is now called including how to access it, creating documents and sharing documents. All of this will be framed within a framework of why these Google products are beneficial, useful, time-saving tools for us as teachers.


The schedule will follow my normal weekly schedule with the following sessions offered:

Sessions will be offered based on PD site enrollment. Links will direct you to the PD website.

Please Note:

We can no longer sign anyone up on the PD website after the fact. All teachers must complete their own enrollment prior to midnight on the day of the training. It is beneficial to sign-up early so that the presenter can plan sessions accordingly.

Bill Gumula, M.Ed.

Bill is an eLearning Coach helping to facilitate meaningful integration of technology to enrich instruction, engage students & develop 21st century skills. He is currently a doctoral candidate for a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis on Technology, Learning, and Psychology.