Computer Maintenance

Cleaning, protection, backing up, and safe work space

Cleaning Your Computer

When cleaning your computer you will need to unplug the keyboard when you clean it the mouse and the monitor. Use a cotton cloth that is damp with rubbing alcohol. Never spray a cleaning spray on the monitor. When cleaning a monitor always turn it off.

Protecting your computer

Malware is a computer virus usually distributed over the internet and it can damage your computer and a person can find out unauthorized personal information. You can stay away from malware by staying safe on the internet.

Backing up your computer

People usually have important information on their computer and if something were to happen to their computer they would loose all of their work and important information. You can prevent this from happening by backing up all of the things on your computer on a hard drive that way if something does happen you won't loose anything

Safe work space

Make sure that you adjust your seat, keep the mouse close to the keyboard, place the monitor 20-40 inches away from your face, avoid clutter, and take frequent breaks from looking at the screen. These tips will help you have a clean and safe work space.
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