4.9-Acidification Lab

Quiz Study Guide 3/16/15

Acid Rain

  • Gases dissolved in our atmosphere: carbon dioxide, sulfur, hydrogen chloride. The all create an acidic solution.
  • Carbonic acid is dissolved carbon dioxide
  • Sulfur acid is "acid rain". (volcanoes and industrial pollution). Acid rain kills forests and pollutes water(rivers,lakes,ponds).


  • Limestone is porous(holds water), soft, soluble in water(carbonic acid).
  • Florida sinkholes occur because lots of limestone, water underground(aquafer), once covered with ocean>>soft calcium deposits(dead animals).

Sulfuric Acid

  • Discovered in 8th century by Alchemist>>Alchemy "chemistry"
  • Uses: lead acid batteries(cars), fertilizers, steel industry>>prevents rust corrosion, dried fruit production(hydrotropic).

Our top scientist: