Genetically Modified Organisms, Yes

By: Sheetal Hari


For our growing population, and our rapid increasing technology in the 21st century, we have come to the point to help out the horrid work in the farms. For more production and fast growing organisms, farmers lives are going to be made easier.

Gets Rid of the insects and pest disturbing the growth of our food

In the U.S. alone, farmers spray, spread, and otherwise administer more than 970 million tons of insect- and plant-killers every year. This is very crucial to our environment and can start to affect humans as well. By using the GM, farmers will be able to spray less and not harm the plants.

Health Benefits

GM foods will be safer to eat, such as the GM corn which now has a lower toxin content than non-GM corn. And these foods will also have longer shelf life.

The Poor

With this new technology, finally the Earth is able to find a solution for the poor countries. They have to rely on one crop,rice, which does not provide enough nutrients.

So, As you can see, this will revolutionize the Earth! A solution for the poor, longer and better lasting foods, more nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, and it's safe too!

So Why Wait, Join GMO. Always helping the World Out