Richie He

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Perseverance is when you want go get through something. It is also when you are determined to do something. You want to reach a goal. The people who persevere are mostly successful. They will not give up until they get what they want to get. Many people have persevered through the tough times. It has helped them and made them feel better. They are determined to do something or to get through something.

Cause and Effect

A hard time would make you persevere. You find the times difficult and want to get through them. If you persevere, you will most likely make it through the tough times in life. If something bad in your family happened such as a divorce, you will want to think positively, making you persevere. You will make it through much easier if you think positively. You think you can so you will try harder. You will reach your goal or deal with the problem much easier.

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic was born with no arms and no legs. He was bullied all throughout his childhood for being different. He also tired to commit suicide by drowning in his bathtub. He is very prominent for many things today. He is known for his motivational speaking. Vujicic is also known for his adversities. He gives motivational speeches all around the globe and helps people get through troubles. He can do many things such as skateboard, surf, and drive. Many of the things that he can do, I can't do.
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Compare and Contrast

The people who don't persevere and the people who do are very different when it comes to fighting tough times. The people who persevere have an easier time getting through tough times. They believe in themselves making them get through the times easier. They chase after the people who are better than them. The people who have a hard time are different. They don't believe in themselves and don't think they can. They think that other people are always better than them. They won't bother chasing after the people who are better than them.

The Sandy Road

The merchant didn't give up on finding water. He knew he would find it. Everyone else tried to give up and stopped finding water. The perseverance level is quite different between the merchant and the other people. The merchant didn't want to die so he kept on trying to find water. The other people gave up and accepted the fact that they were about to die. The merchant found water and saved a lot of people. He saved the people and all their animals.
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Problem and Solution

When dealing with a tough time, stay positive. Thinking negatively will impact you negatively. It will make you lose self esteem. It will make you sad for a longer time. If you stay positive, it will make you happier during the time. Smiling at the worst times can still make you happier. It tricks your brain into thinking you are happy. You feel better if you smile.

Nadja On My Way

Nadja was told that she wasn't good enough. She wanted to quit. She faced many problems during her violin playing career. She persevered through the problems. She was selected for a competition and ended up being first. She didn't give up after someone called her bad. She didn't care. She just kept pushing forward and didn't let anything stop her.
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