Accessible Math

Money Saving Update -

Summer Learning is ALWAYS better with a STIPEND

All registration links are now ACTIVE. We have some opportunities for professional learning this summer that come with a stipend for Oakland County educators! The registration links were a little late this spring, here they are:

Literacy Academy with Dr. David Koppenhaver and Dr. Karen Erickson. August 5-9. This is a CAN'T miss opportunity if you teach ELA to students with disabilities. This year is for conventional learners.

Math (SDI) Specially Designed Instruction Conventional Learners August 13th. Here's the one day focus on instruction with lots of teaching materials and resources for students with disabilities who take the M-Step or FI level of MiAccess. This course will also be held on January 16th with sub-reimbursement if summertime doesn't work for you.

Building Thinking Classrooms for Co-teaching August 16th. Come with your GE/SE partner or on your own, just plan to join us for a busy day focused on secondary routines and best practices to move student thinking. This course will also be held on December 18th with sub-reimbursement if summertime doesn't work for you.

The 2 day Trajectories Assessment course with the kit will be offered twice during the school year, 10/2 and 11/14 with another cohort in 2020. Math SDI Specially Designed Emergent Learners is offered October 16th and March 12th.

Hope you can join us!

Professional Learning 2019-20

Registration links have been added, more to come.

We can also schedule a 60-90 minute personalized session with a group of teachers from your building or district on a variety of topics: Word Problems & Fluency Interventions, Math Language Routines- elementary or secondary, Teaching Math through Writing, Teachers & NWEA, and Math Recovery implementation.

Save me a date?

Here's a link to reserve time for me to come to you! . New dates will continue to be added throughout the year. Once you sign up for a time slot, you will receive confirmation email and request for a little information about your priorities for our time together: individual students, whole/small group instruction, targeted intervention, data & assessment, or "name your own" focus.