Kids Business

By Noah M


There is a kid called Lachlan he has started a clothing buisness called 'Size Seven Clothing Co' this buisness is quite successful. He sells homeade and hand dyed hats and shirts and he sells aproximately 30 items a week. His 9 creative designs is getting even popular. People buy his stuff through online shopping on his professional and well made website/domain. He is more popular to Australia sales but he also gets international requests, as he delivers his clothes to over seas buyers.

Product Details

Sive Seven are very open with there products as they sell a whole range of clothing, theres always a mystery with this brand cause you never know what their going to make and design.

Advertisement and International Service

Size Seven have alot of ways to advertise such as a really well made website and facebook, Size Seven use facebook so the buyers as caught up with new products and other things. This company is world wide and is being delivered to various countries for buyers. The advertisement being used is very user-friendly which means that their website is very easy to use and very easy to shop on.
Behind The News Article

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