The Black Death

By Hollie Sindt

What is the black death?

The black death is one of the most fatal pandemics known to date. Three different plagues actually contributed to the Black Death; the bubonic plague, pneumonic plague, septicemic plague. There were two ways to mainly get the plagues and that would be the obvious contact with people who had it and also flea bites. When you got the death you would have puss filled bumps calls bubos, a very high fever, fatigue, you would puke blood, delirium, and also your fingers would go black and look dead basically. The death lasted from 1346-1353. In the 13th century obviously medication wasn't very advanced meaning that they really never treated it. The black death was a very quick death, it would take maybe a week or so and they would die. Nowadays there is a vaccine for the plagues but there are still a few cases of it.
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