Stephen Hawking

  • Stephen Hawking is an everyday hero because: he has a serious illnes, called "sclerosis", and it is very difficult to live with this disease because it paralyzes you slowly body.

The besides having this disease, he´s a great scientist, he had many awards, thanks to inventions, for example: he invented an apparatus, by moving his eyes, he could communicate with other, he is a survivor....

  • He works as a: he´s scientist and he work in an office,etc. A typical working day for a "physical chemist" means starting work at 9.00am and finish at 17.00pm.A physical chemist work in an office or laboratory.

  • At work, he has to invent things that have been very userful and also write books... To be a physical chemist you needs these skills: reason to know, do everything step, to know where something comes from each calculation and be userful for humanity.

  • I would love to be a physical chemist because: I love to discover things. I would prefer to be a chemist or teacher, because I love children and also love discovering things...
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