Ancient Greek

Boys in Athens

At the age of eighteen boys would become citizens. They would learn different things then girls, they would learn how to play music, art and sports. Boys were taught by three different teachers. One would teach them how to read, write and do math. Another teacher taught them how to play sports. and the third teacher would teach them how to sing, how to play the lyre (a musical instrument). All this learning created good minds and bodies that would help when the became a citizen.

Girls in Athens

Woman in Athens would learn domestic chores from their mothers. If girls came from wealthy families they would learn the same things boys would like how to play the lyre, sports and art. If the girls didn't come a wealthy family they would stay home and their mothers would teach them spinning, weaving and a lot of other things they would need to do around the house. When the woman got married she would stay home and teach her daughter the things her mother taught her when she was younger.


Athens was ruled landowning nobles in 600 B.C. Around that time Athenians began to rebel against the nobles. And Most farmers owed the nobles money so they would sell themselves into slavery to pay off their debts. Then something happened, in 594 B.C.the nobles turned to a man named Solon (a noble) who everyone. He cancelled all the famers debts and freed the people who became slaves.

Men, Women and slaves

Men were allowed to vote on all the decisions that would affect the city and serve on juries. Women were not allowed to vote. Slave and foreigners were banned from government. Which meant the could not participate in anything that hod to do with government.