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Thomas Jefferson Middle School

JUNE 2017

ISTEP Results

The Parent Portal is now open for you to check your child's ISTEP results. You will need your child's access code to log in. These letters, along with NWEA results were sent home with students on Tuesday, May 30th. If your child did not pass, please review their results and request a re-score if applicable. If you have lost your child's code, please email me at or call the school office.

Registration 2017-18

Online registration for returning students in 2017-2018 School Year:
July 25 to August 1. You will need to log in to your Skyward Family Access account to complete online registration. *Computers will be available at all schools during normal working hours. After August 2nd please call your school.

Onsite registration at the school buildings for new students 2017-2018:

High School and Middle Schools - August 1&2 - 8 am to 11 am and 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Elementary Schools - August 1 - 8 am to 11 am and 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Incoming 6th Graders:
If you are the parent/guardian of an incoming 6th grader, please bring documentation for required vaccinations to Thomas Jefferson Middle School:
  • June 19 - 28, 7:30 -12:30
  • July 10-29, 7:30 - 12:30
Or you may bring documentaion to your respective middle school during the onsite registration dates and times.

School Immunization Requirements

Back To School

  • First Day of School - Monday, August 14th
  • Open House - Wednesday, August 23rd
  • Late Start Wednesdays will no longer occur during the 2017/18 School Year. Please see the district calendar for other changes.
  • 2017-2018 School Calendar
Great News - We are in the process of changing from a Parent Advisory group to a formal PTSO. Our bylaws have been written and we are looking to fill the board offices. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Krutz at

Student Handbook: BF/TJ Middle School Dress Code

This was Board-approved on June 15, 2017

While fashion changes, the reason for being in school does not. As students mature and become adults, they will be required to meet certain dress standards for many occupational obligations and social functions. Student/staff health and safety, common decency, student schoolwork, and school and classroom order are all affected. This basic dress code does not infringe on students’ rights of freedom of expression, but rather encourages students to “dress for success” and come to school properly prepared to participate in the professional, educational process. Students are expected to observe ordinary standards of good grooming, with attire appropriate to a comfortable, yet professional and working school atmosphere.

In keeping with the above philosophy, and in order to reduce misunderstanding, the guidelines listed below have been approved by the VCS School Board.

1. The maintenance of common decency and classroom order requires adequate coverage of the person. Any clothing which reveals undergarments or the lack of undergarments will be considered inappropriate.

2. Cleanliness of person and apparel is required.

3. Pungent sprays, patchouli oils, strong perfumes, and like substances are not to be used or worn to school. These odors are disruptive to the educational process and harmful to the health of others.

4. Students will not be permitted to wear clothing which contains profanity or other suggestive inscriptions or advertises/promotes the use of death, suicide, destruction, gangs, cults, alcohol, drugs, or other substances which, if used by a minor, would be illegal. Additionally, clothing will not be permitted which advertises, promotes, or via innuendo or double meaning, suggests inappropriate ideas or behavior not conducive to a positive school climate or is disruptive to the educational functioning of the school.

5. Students will not be permitted to wear garments such as halter tops, those which reveal bare midriffs or backs, strapless tops, see-through tops, those which contain spaghetti straps, and garments with plunging or revealing necklines. Shirts and tops must be long enough to tuck in.

6. Pants must be worn on the waist without undergarments exposed. Skirts and shorts must have an inseam of four inches or greater. Any holes in pants must be below the knee.

7. The maintenance of health and safety includes the wearing of shoes, sandals, or boots, and such additional items that may be required in special classes such as industrial technology, laboratories and physical education.

8. Unauthorized costumes will not be permitted.

9. Slippers and pajamas or other nightwear will not be permitted.

10. Attire that may cause property damage or personal injury is not to be worn (i.e., chains, shoes that may leave black marks or scuffs on the floor, etc).

11. Upon entering the building during the school day all students are to remove sunglasses, caps, hats and other head coverings.

12. A jacket or coat, which is normally worn outdoors, is to be placed in a locker during the school day. In addition, backpacks are to be stored in a locker during the school day.

The administration reserves the right to use its discretion in determining the type of clothing appropriate for the school setting. Wearing inappropriate apparel will result in the student’s removal from class until the problem is corrected and/or may result in possible further disciplinary action.


When: Friday, August 11th

All 6th grade and new 7th and 8th grade students are expected to attend school from 7:50-10:15 a.m. on this day. Students will meet their teachers, follow their class schedule, and learn how to open their lockers. 7th and 8th grade students' day will include important technology training. Buses will be picking up students on the regular morning schedule Friday after 7:00 a.m. and returning students to their home after 10:30 a.m. Students are asked to bring their schedules and meet in the cafeteria. 7th and 8th grade students who have already attended TJMS should remain at home on this day.

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8th Grade Supply list

8th Grade Student Supply List 2017 ~ 2018

* UPDATED – June 5, 2017- Link to print

General supplies – to be used in 1 or more subjects:

Loose leaf paper (6-8 packages), pens (black or blue, & red), Highlighters, organization system (ex: expandable portfolio folder, binder, etc.) - optional

Colored pencils, dry erase markers

Pencils, hand-held pencil sharpener, erasers, wire locker shelf (optional)

Computer Specific Supplies

Headphones/earbuds (inexpensive), wireless mouse (optional)

Subject specific supplies:

Language Arts / Communication Arts

• 3-subject notebook with pockets

• Pocket folder


• 3-ring binder (2” or larger) filled with loose leaf paper & 5 dividers – Algebra

• 3-subject notebook – Math 8 (Arce & Arnold)

• Pocket folder

• Scientific calculator (used in science too),

Recommended: Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS

• 1-subject notebook with pockets or 1-subject notebook and folder - Social Studies

• Spiral notebook - Science

• Folder (or section in organization system) Biology

• 3-subject notebook Spanish • 1-subject Spiral notebook

• 1 Pocket folder

• 1 package 3 x 5 index cards German

• To be determined Advisory • Kleenex boxes (2-3 boxes) - turn in to Advisory teacher 1st week of school

• Spiral or composition notebook - Orchestra


1. Positive Attitude – I will complete all work & put forth my best effort on each task I am assigned. 2. Priority List – School work will be at the top of my list not my extra-curricular & social activities. 3. 3 R’s –> RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, REFLECTION.

7th Grade Supply List

7th Grade Student Supply List for 2017-2018

Link to Print


Mrs. Alvarez

___3-ring binder (1-inch)

___2 Packages loose leaf paper

___12+ Pencils

Mrs. Kemper

___Spiral notebook

___Pocket folder

___12+ Pencils


Mrs. Loutzenhiser / Mr. Wassilak

___Twin pocket folder with fasteners

___Composition Notebook

___2 Large Glue Stick (kept in the classroom)

Social Studies:

Ms. Blakley / Mr. Harnew

Items to be kept in the classroom:

___Spiral notebook

___Pocket folder

___Earbuds for class (inexpensive works perfectly)

___Colored Pencils

Language Arts:

Ms. Blakley / Mrs. Murvine / Mrs. Olsen

___3-ring binder with pockets inside the cover (1-inch)

___Tab dividers for binder (set of 5)

___Package of loose leaf paper

___2 red pens

___2 different color highlighters

Communication Arts:

Ms. Blakley

___Composition notebook

___Pocket folder



___Pocket folder

___Loose leaf paper

___1 package 3x5 index cards (100-200 count)

___2 Dry erase markers (to stay in classroom)


General Supplies:

___Scientific calculator

___3 large boxes of tissues for homeroom

___Blue or Black pens (minimum of 6)

___Additional No. 2 pencils or mechanical pencils

___Glue Sticks

6th Grade Supply List

TJMS 6th Grade Supply List 2017-2018

Link to Print

Please review the list carefully and if you have any questions, wait before purchasing, and ask the staff at Parent Open House in August.

General Supplies

(will be used for all classes)

Pencil case with your name on it

Pencils, pencils, pencils (keep restocking them throughout the year, please)

4 different colored highlighters

Small hand held pencil sharpeners

Colored pencils

Inexpensive ear buds stored in a labeled zipper pouch


Extra folders for Allied Arts classes

Cap erasers


One red 1- inch 3 ring binder with pockets

One package of 5 dividers

One package of loose leaf paper

Required for Honors Math One scientific calculator (suggested Texas Instruments 30Xiis approximately $12.99 @ Target)

**This is recommended for the rest of the math classes as they will be able to use it from 6th – 12th grade and on their ISTEP tests.


One green 2 pocket, pronged folder

One green spiral notebook

Social Studies

One blue 2 pocket pronged folder

One blue spiral notebook

Language Arts

One white 1-inch 3 ring binder with pockets

One package of 5 dividers

Two packages of loose leaf paper

Four ziploc bags - gallon size

2 packages of red pens


(These supplies are to be turned into advisory/homeroom teacher.)

One package of 4 color dry erase markers (wide tip)

Two large sized boxes of tissues

Put your name on your supplies as much as possible. When purchasing backpacks, please be aware that larger backpacks and backpacks with wheels will not fit in the student lockers. Also note that we are not recommending trapper keepers and have gone to individual subject recommendations.


6th grade and new 7th and 8th grade students may purchase physical education uniforms from Blythe's Sport Shop (located at 2810 Calumet Avenue) for a cost of $20.00 ($12.50-shorts, $7.50-shirt). Students are welcome to wear uniforms purchased for older siblings. All students are expected to wear P.E. uniforms