News From Mrs. C

Our class news for the week of Jan. 14th-18th

Tidbits From the Teacher


We've made it through the first week back after a nice, long break. Everyone left on Friday in great spirits and I can't wait to see those smiles on Monday mornings!

We're going to be busy around here and there are/will be lots of little things to keep up with. I'll try to remind you and help you keep things straight.

Homework starts up again on Monday. If you want your child involved in spring Singing Stars you have to sign up again by Jan. 25th, Six Flags reading started, and the list goes on and on.

Rest up. Spring will be here before we can turn around!

Things to Return:

-Nothing this week except my class to me on Monday please!

Dates to Remember

Jan. 14th: Homework begins again

Jan. 17th: Report Cards go home

Jan. 24th: Dinosaur George @ 10 am in the cafeteria

Jan. 25th: Movie Night @ Sommer

Feb. 14th: Valentine's Party @ 1:15-2:30 in our room.

What We'll Be Learning...

Math- We will be working on fractions for the next two weeks. We'll review equal/unequal using shapes, lines, and sets of objects. We'll work on using the proper names given to fractional pieces such as halves, fourths, sixths, all the way to twelfths. We'll do many, many hands-on activities to make sure students get a firm foundation in fractions. We'll be comparing fractions and discussing mixed and improper fractions. What we WON'T be doing is using number representations (1/4 or 5/8). That's for third grade.

Science- We are going to be learning about natural and man-made materials. We'll look around our room and find examples of natural and man-made objects. We'll look for examples of glass, plastic, wood, paper and metal objects to then sort by which parts are natural and which parts are man-made. The class loves science so much and this is a nice bridge from rocks.

Writing- We are using our writing time to collect information about different countries of interest to the class. After the research has been written, students will choose one country to turn into a non-fiction book. Stay tuned!

Reading- I will be reading with everyone next week to collect a fluency score on second grade reading material. While I am doing this, students will be using books, booklets, and computers to research countries they are interested in learning more about.

Spelling/Handwriting- Spelling will begin on Monday and groups will start working with partners again on Tuesday. The second grade teachers haven't begun to put spelling homework into the weekly choice sheet so stay tuned for more information about that.

Handwriting improves daily! I beam with pride when I look back and compare beginning of the year handwriting to now. Wow!!

Class Wish List

We have had our wishes granted!! Thank you everyone for the generous donations and gift cards.

Let's Wear Our Class Shirts Every Friday!!